OXIDE Gallery is a retail gallery dedicated to Exposing the wonderful artwork of the artists living in Denton County and the North Texas area.  The gallery is a consignment gallery which hosts the artwork of over 50 different artists at any one time.  Though the gallery is more modern in design, it shows artwork from all genres.

Artwork Open Calls

Submission accepted anytime during normal business hours on dates listed unless otherwise stated.

March 21st & 22nd 2014

April 18th & 19th 2014

Our Artwork Open Calls are when we are looking to see artwork for our next show.  This open call is for all artists to bring in artwork for us to select from on the spot. Our Open Calls are a multi-step process and each step must be done by the artist themselves.  No Exceptions.

  • Artwork Open Call announcements will be released with all the information you need to know including submission dates, maximum number of submissions, themes, parameters, and rules.
  • Artists need to submit the actual artwork to the gallery on any of the dates listed on the Open Call. 
  • Artwork will need to be submitted framed and ready for installation per our Artwork Requirements.
  • Artists will fill out information paperwork at the gallery wen submitting their artwork.
  • The artwork will be left for the weekend.  Once the Open Call has ended and all the artwork has been collected, our guest jury will review all the artwork and make their selections for the new show. 
  • Artists will be contacted the following Monday or Tuesday and informed of the jury's decision(s). 
  • Any unselected artwork will be available for immediate pick up. 
  • Selected artwork will be held for installation. 
  • The gallery will prepare consignment contracts for each artist/artwork that is selected for the new show.   Artists will be required to come back into the gallery and sign the contracts prior to the opening of the show the artwork was selected for.
  • The gallery will request images of selected artwork from the artists for promotional purposes only.  These need to be large high quality professional images for publishing in news papers, on our website, and possibly featuring on our announcement fliers. 
  • The artwork will be installed and remain in the show until it sells or the show ends.  
  • The gallery will email artists with announcements about the Gallery Night.  Artists are asked to help promote the show by forwarding these announcements to all their family, friends, and fans to let them know you will be part of the show.
  • The show will open with a Gallery Night event (Opening Art Reception) and each artist with artwork in the show is requested to attend the event and bring guests.
  • Artists will be emailed an artwork pick up reminder as the show nears it's end.  Artists are requested to pick up their artwork in a timely manner.  All artwork will be required to be picked up within 45 days of the close of the show or the gallery will be forced to donate the artwork off to charity in order to clear out our limited storage areas.  If an artist knows they will be unavailable to pick up their artwork within 45 days of the end of the show, then they need to not submit artwork to that show.  



115 W Eagle Dr - Suite A, Denton, TX 76201




  • Monday             9a-5p
  • Tuesday            9a-5p
  • Wednesday      9a-5p
  • Thursday          9a-5p
  • Friday                 9a-5p
  • Saturday         10a-3p
  • Sunday            Closed